Project Vote is a parallel election for young people aged 11-15 to coincide with the Senedd election in May 2021.

Young people taking part through their school vote for the actual candidates in their school’s constituency and region, learning more about the political process and how elections work.

Sign up

Schools and other settings can sign up now on our sign up page, and can start using our resources to learn more about the election.


Voting will take place between 19-30 April 2021.

All schools will receive an e-ballot to send out to learners to complete.

Project Vote is run by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, and supported by the Electoral Reform Society.

Why a parallel election?

This year, 16 and 17-year olds will be able to vote for the first time in Wales.

But we want more young people to be able to get involved, so we’re running a parallel Senedd election designed for young people aged 11-15.

It will take place a couple of weeks before the real Senedd election, to give schools flexibility when it comes to voting, and to give us plenty of time to collate the results, which will be published after voting closes on the day of the real Senedd election.

Of course, the results won’t have any effect on the real Senedd election, but Project Vote will help young people to understand more about politics, and might make young people more likely to vote in the future.

We’ll publish a full map of results, showing how each constituency and region voted, and how the Senedd would look if only our parallel election counted.

How it works

11-16 settings

If you’re a teacher in an 11-16 setting, including secondary schools, special schools, and PRUs, simply sign up using your email address.

By signing up, we’ll have your details so that we can send an electronic ballot paper to you in April, when our parallel election vote will take place. The real Senedd election is set to take place on 6 May.


We’ve made paperless, free, curriculum-linked resources that you can use to teach pupils about the election.

You can go ahead and use these whenever you like.

We’ve also designed a remote learning pack that pupils can complete independently.

Our lesson plans are on the resources page.

Not in an 11-16 setting?

If you work in a different setting, like a primary school, or a youth club, and you’d still like to take part in Project Vote, please get in touch with us using this online form.

Home educated?

If you are a home educator, or you are a young person who is home educated who wants to take part, please get in touch with us.

Online events

Go to our events page to see a range of live, online events that you can take part in, whether you’re in a school, another setting, or if you’re home educated.

19th - 30th April - Voting weeks

All schools signed up will receive an electronic ballot paper on 19 April, which can then be sent to learners to complete on any device, anywhere.

This will remain open until 30 April.

We’ve decided to keep voting open for two weeks to make it as easy as possible for schools to take part.

Children’s Commissioner for Wales

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales promotes and protects children’s rights in Wales. The current Commissioner is Professor Sally Holland. She and her team listen to children and young people from across Wales and make sure their voices are heard by the Welsh Government.

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